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2015 Honda Civic Type-R: Price Tag Puts US-Delivery In Jeopardy?

United States

The latest generation Honda Civic Type-R is truly a remarkable creation. This is evident as the car is named as the fastest FWD sports hatch in history. With more than 300hp to offer, the Civic Type-R is a serious performer on the tarmacs but does that mean it deserves to be priced extravagantly?

We have heard about Honda planning to bring the Civic Type-R over here in the US and if that is to happen, it is very likely for the car to carry a price tag that is similar to the ones in the UK. It basically means that the Civic Type-R is going to be priced at $46,900 when released.

This is a really huge fee for the Honda Civic Type-R and despite its accomplishments; we don?t think it is worth it. After all, it will only give the Civic Type-R a bad sales prospect since consumers can get faster cars for lesser the price here in the US.

If so, this best explains why Honda is taking so long to release the Civic Type-R. They are simply having a hard time justifying the price tag of the sports hatch. Even so, we believe that the Honda lovers will purchase the Civic Type-R regardless of the price. It will only be the cost-conscious shoppers that will stay away from the vehice.