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Civic Type R accessories

United States

The Honda Civic Type R is no longer forbidden fruit in the US, but some of its coolest accessories are. Japan's always so lucky.

In the event you are insane and believe the Civic Type R is not nearly gussied up enough in its stock form, Honda's Japanese site offers up some truly interesting interior and exterior accessories. They range from sort of expensive to very expensive, and like all good things Type R, the accessories rely heavily on the color red.

On the outside, you can add a set of Type R wheels in championship white for the yen equivalent of $2,267. There's a new rear wing that incorporates red polyester inside a carbon fiber weave, and that'll set you back about $1,451. A three-piece red garnish above the grille and headlights will run you $272.

Inside, there's even more red. Type R floor mats cost an astounding $543. If you want to add red carbon fiber trim to the dashboard, center console and floor panels, it'll cost $971 for all three parts. Red LED accents adds another $91 to the mix. By comparison, those LED accent lights seem like a proper bargain.

The Type R itself isn't cheap, coming in at $33,900, and that's before the dealers get their grubby mitts on the window sticker and festoon it with "market adjustment" markups, some of which are in excess of $10,000. But with 306 horsepower on tap, it's like no other Civic on the market -- even without all that red carbon fiber.