Civic Type R K20C1 turbocharged crate engine debuts at SEMA 2017

Honda pulled the covers off its K20C1 crate engine at SEMA today, the purchase price of $6,519.87 (plus shipping) sounds downright reasonable for a factory-fresh, ready-to-run engine with this kind of reliability and power.
Literally the worst solenoid in the turbocharger unit that has cascading effects on the entire engine - serious tuners need to check their cars, like now! I know - I have first in what may be more Type R lemons to come and it sucks dealing with inept dealerships that don't have qualified or fully trained technicians to handle the replacement and repairs. After one dealership experiene on replacing the entire turbocharger that went out on the way home from our first-day purchase - for another visit to verify the work of that dealer from the selling-dealership - to billowing smoking oil and coolant from my brand new Type R last night - a car that has less than 900 miles on it. So few miles, because I've had it for 4 months and it's bee in the shop for 3 months!

One turbo charger from CA/Japan and it's still a pile of rubbish. Worst purchase of my life and the most torturous experience with Honda National call center and tech support from California - lies, more lies, no rental, no towing assistance and just not keeping their word. Thanks Honda Type R-2017 for taking a dedicated, life-time Honda fan and turning my world upside down into a Honda hater. Beware if you buy this in a crate or in the car - it's a pos.

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