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Hello, New member from SW Florida

United States
What I Drive
2017 Fiesta ST, 2018 Mustang GT
Hello, new member here. I am a car enthusiast and have owned quite a few high performance cars- numerous Civic SI's, WRX's, GTI's, Mustang GT's, Camaros. I currently own a 2017 Fiesta ST and a 2018 Mustang GT and 2 others. I need to downsize my fleet and have been thinking about a Type R. I love Hondas- have had 3 SI's- a 2003, 2007 and a 2013. And other Civics, and an Accord and 2 Preludes. They have all been bullet proof. No issues at all, never even a dealer visit and I have done all my servicing on them. My favorite of them was my 2007 SI with the high revving K20 engine. Perfect sound, gear box and performance, stock.

Well as mentioned I need to downsize- thinking of trading in my Fiesta ST and Mustang GT for a Type R. Why- the ST although handles well and is a fun and comfortable car, lacks straight line acceleration. But it's been bullet proof, like a Honda and is my main commuter car. The 2018 GT is an awesome car but has the famous ticking, knocking and rattling sounds in the engine. I don't think it is a long term keeper.

So the Type R seems like it would be a good combination of the two? Faster than the ST but slower than the GT but with Honda reliability and no strange engine sounds or tranny issues (like I had with my 2017 Camaro RS).

And a question- can the wing be easily removed? I just don't care for the wing.