Hello, I just picked up my Type R on Thursday and I am still completely elated. That thing is a work of art. Currently, it is sitting in a shop getting some paint protection on. I have been drooling over that thing since it was just a little baby internet rumor several years ago, and it exceeds my expectations.

Our other toys include a 1991 CRX that I've had for 15 years. We have installed a B-16 and some misc goodies on him. We also have a 2006 Mini we have owned for 10 years. I learned from different Mini events that certain cars are built for performance, and the best modification is to tighten the nut behind the wheel (aka fix the driver), so he is still mostly stock but manages to keep up with the others when we go to events like Minis On The Dragon and Minis In The Ozarks. My husband also enjoyed my car at events, so he recently purchased his own 2006 Mini. He has a 2005 SRT4 Neon with a stage 3 turbo. His pride and joy though, is a 1995 Neon Highline that he has owned since 1997. It is currently in pieces in our garage, but it has a ridiculous amount of internals and suspension upgrades, as well as a turbo. I make fun of him sometimes, but really, if you fall in love with the car you can't help it. We also have an 89 CRX that we would someday like to do an engine swap on, and an 85 CRX that I want to restore to original condition. Oh, and an Xterra and a Dodge Ram, because most of those other cars don't see bad weather. As you can see, cars are our main hobby. Is anyone else in SW MO?
Welcome to the board! I used to live right in eastern KS there but moved for my job a few months back.

Enjoy the car.... I'm in the same boat... one week later and I'm still super pumped about this ride. Performance wise it's one of the best car I have ever driven.
Congrats everyone, I just picked up my Championship White this weekend as well.

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