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Honda confirmed that a Type R would be destined for the Canadian markets

Great news for Canada
Honda sent ripples through the car world today with the surprise unveiling of a flashy, all-new Civic Concept at the New York International Auto Show.

Based on an entirely new platform, the new Civic will push the limits of dynamic styling, performance and fuel economy, while also aiming to achieve the highest of safety ratings.

The design comes from their Los Angeles studio, which makes this Civic the first to be developed by a North American research & development team.

What we learned today is that the entry-level 10th-generation Civic will arrive this fall and be powered by a DOHC VTEC engine, while the sportier packaged Civic Si will feature the new 1.5-litre Turbo VTEC Earth Dreams Technology engine.

Both 6-speed and automatic CVT transmissions will be offered, and we can expect the rollout to begin with the sedan, followed by the coupe, 5-door hatchback, Si coupe, and Type R models thereafter.

The unveil comes not long after the European/Asian production version of the 2016 Civic Type R hot hatch was displayed in Geneva, leaving Honda enthusiasts clamouring for its release on North American shores. Honda confirmed that a Type R would be destined for the US and Canadian markets.