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Long Time Civic Owner :UPDATE : New CTR Owner

Hello everybody!! I'm new to the Civic Forums. I have been driving Civics since 2003. I've owned an '03 LX Sedan, '10 Hybrid EX-L Sedan, '13 EX-L Sedan, '16 EX-l Sedan, & now a '19 Hatchback Sport Touring due to being rear ended in my '16 Civic. I drive 150 miles per day for work & put 50,000 miles per year on a car. You can't beat the Civics!!! I've always purchased for fuel economy & dependability. My current goal is to purchase a '19 Type R. I'm jonesing bad for one!!! This will be my car to drive only when I want to & will have a nice spot in my garage. I want one to play around with. I'm getting out of drag racing & I need something to help keep the edge off !!! LOL!!!

Picked up my new 2019 CTR on July 20th. I was in love with the car as soon as I drove it.


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