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New Type R OEM WheelsTires For Sale

United States
What I Drive
2019 Civic Type R Competition White
I have a set of the OEM wheels and tires from my 2019 Type R. I needed to get All Season tires for this daily driver; Summer tires just wouldn’t do for the winter in GA and NC.

These are 20x8.5 wheels and 245/30ZR20 Continental SportContact 6 Summer tires. Only 100 miles on them, perfect condition. Asking $1300. (The Flow One F4 with 245/35ZR19 Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ I replaced them with went for ~$2000). Full set of lug nuts and Honda wheel locks included.

Email me at gcattanach@bellsouth.net or respond in this thread. Wheels/tires are in Atlanta, GA so you can pick them up at my home if that’s feasible. I also could bring them to Sylva, NC where I have a second residence if that get you close enough. Alternatively I will ship them wherever you are; you will pay the shipping.

Gregg C: 678-982-3203 to arrange purchase or answer anyquestions. 81242354-10C7-4F4E-A0B1-E43E1B71EC11.jpeg