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Refreshing or Revolting: 2017 Honda Civic Si

Civic Si News


The 2017 Honda Civic Si offers a host of improvements over the previous model, including a new turbo engine with more torque and a lighter and more rigid body with an upgraded suspension. But in terms of looks, does the Civic Si live up to its legacy? Compare for yourself below and tell us if it's refreshing or revolting compared to the previous-gen model.

Up front, the Civic Si looks like an entirely new vehicle. Honda reshaped the front end, making it look broader and more squared-off. While the old model features silver garnish on the grille, the new model receives a completely blacked-out face. These black bits extend to the headlights and act as a sort of eyeliner, giving the new model a more alluring stare compared to the old version. The lower grille is also much more prominent than before.

From the side, the new Civic Si looks strikingly similar to the old model, especially when comparing the coupe versions. But the hood appears longer on the new model, providing a long and lean silhouette. The new sedan is noticeably more sculpted than the old model. In the rear, the biggest change you'll notice is the taillights. Just like on the standard Civic, the 2017 Civic Si features C-shaped lighting units, while the Si coupe receives a light bar spanning the entire rear. There's no longer a silver garnish bar connecting the taillights on the sedan. Meanwhile, Honda ditched the clunky spoiler on the old model for a much sleeker one. The spoiler on the coupe is particularly striking considering how high and thin it is.

Inside the cabin, the Civic Si retains the same black-red-carbon-fiber theme as before. Instead of a speedometer that sits high on top of the dash, the new model keeps all the pertinent information drivers need in front of the steering wheel. The placement of the buttons and air vents has also changed.

Text Source: Motor Trend