Squealing brakes

First post sorry if it?s a duplicate of someone else?s thread, I?m new. Have 1200 miles on my 2017 type r and the brembo brakes are squealing at almost every slow stop... anyone have a clue as to when this will go away? I?ve owned over 70 cars and know how to break in brakes but HONDA says it?s normal get used to it. They also said they won?t warranty normal sounds. Embarrassing at the least. Any help on this? I know how to break in even the best brakes but this is something that won?t change this far.
performance brake pads. if you don't like the squeals, change the pad. according to brembo, honda wanted to be more aggressive and wanted the pads material to contain more metal, which causes the squeals at low braking speed
Squealing brakes is normal for performance braking systems. The only way to eliminate it is switch to a less aggressive pad.

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