What's the first mod you plan on doing to your Civic Type R?


I usually do a window tint as my first mod, what do you guys have in mind?
Always a smash and grab tint and then a Miltek Exhaust.

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I changed all the interior and hatch dome lights to LEDs, Amber for the two map lights and the hatch and a Red one (that stays on all the time) for the one in the back seat.

I also put in red footwell lights (LED kit $12 and $100 labor at the car stereo installer store). They wanted $1260 to install the two OEM accessories (console and interior illumination).... PAH! Actually, the prices for any of the Honda accessories on the Type R are idiotic.

I have zero plans to monkey around with the drivetrain or the suspension. At some point you just have faith in Honda engineering.

I did switch to 245/35ZR19 wheels and tires so I could install all-season tires. The Summer Tires provided are stupid unless you live in Florida or So. Cal. And I saved 10 pounds per corner with the switch. Those 20” OEM rims are HEAVY!

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I have not picked up my CTR yet. Still waiting for the 245/35ZR19 wheels and tires to arrive.
I live in the New England and the stock wheels are junk to me.

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