What's the first mod you plan on doing to your Civic Type R?


I usually do a window tint as my first mod, what do you guys have in mind?
Definitely tint and rain guards even though I never plan on driving it in the rain ha!

After that I think I need to wait and see what is released for these cars.... I don't know about anyone else but bullsh!t parts won't touch my car. If I have to save a year for a titanium Mugen exhaust than so be it!
Ive done Tint , escort 360 , winter wheels & tires , catless down pipe and full exhaust.
Shwing! Touche' I put a Tomei exhaust on my Subaru STI and it was worth every penny over the other competing options. For whats out there now and the you tube reviews I've been seeing honestly the mufler deletes sound just as good to me as what is out there right now. I can't wait to see what Mugen comes out with. The Invidia R400 sounds pretty dope. But there aren't very many video's of it out there yet.