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Welcome to the Civic Type R Forum. Please take a moment and introduce yourself, tell us what you currently drive or just say "Hi".[welcome]

Thanks again for joining, and welcome aboard!
Purchased my CTR today and will take delivery on Tuesday afternoon. Tried to trade in my 2002 S2K but they didn't give me cheap so I'm going to sell it outright. Boy talk about a lot of BS getting a deal done. Feel like I got a good deal compared to some people. Glad that is all done. I'll post up more on the car after I get it home. Pics will come later also. Later BD


Congrats and welcome aboard [MENTION=64]Bama Dave[/MENTION]
Hello! Bought my Type R a month ago. Loving it. Fun driving around town and everyone stopping me or pulling up next to me wanting to take pics.
Hi, just joined. Have 2017 Type R, loving it. 8 races on the way home from the dealer...

My name is Julio and I just purchase #869 two days ago.
Hi, I'm new to Type R forum. Just purchased car in July.
hey, nah - it was more curiosity than anything - no plates driving home from dealer was like a magnet. 90's SS-Camaro lost on the short run; heavy V8 couldn't hang on; Mustang Cobra was another story...
Congrats and welcome aboard [MENTION=61]Rogie[/MENTION]


Congrats [MENTION=61]Rogie[/MENTION], glad to have you here.
Purchased my CTR almost a month ago. Championship white. Located just east of Dallas Texas about an hour. #5165

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